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U.S. & Foreign M5 and M6 Bayonets; and U.S. M7 Bayonets

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An unusual dated example, the scabbard is post-war production made in M8A1 scabbards made prior to did not have the metal tip (although the tip.

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Original U.S. Vietnam War M7 Bayonet with Experimental Knuckle Guard and M8A1 Scabbard

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This example was made by the Imperial Knife Co. of Providence, Rhode Island. The M5 bayonet used the same M8A1 scabbard used with the M4. ,

Since I know next to nothing about bayonet’s, this is just a general question for the knife experts out there. I’m looking for a Vietnam era M7 bayonet with an M8A1 scabbard, but is there a way to date them??? I’ve looked here on the forum and on Ebay, but every one I see is undated. I’m trying to find an early war M7 bayonet and scabbard, and I’d like to find one dated sometime between and However, how do you tell the difference between one made on from one made in ??? Sean-They weren’t dated.

Basically from BOC, Conetta, and Milpar are plentiful, and you can get mint ones in the wrappers. First of all I am not an expert, and every time I think I am, I regret it. That said, there isn’t a real reliable way to date M7 bayonets, however, if you want to be sure that your bayonet is a Viet Nam era bayonet, then get a Milpar marked M7.

M6 bayonet

Knives have been a key fighting weapon in every war. No matter how advanced the technology, a good knife always has a place in battle. A special breed of knives saw extensive development during WWII. Known as the “fighting knife”. While it could be employed for the uses of a regular knife, its primary goal was for hand-to-hand combat. The design, balance and materials employed varied from the run of the mill knife.

Up for sale are M7 bayonet and M8A1 scabbard SEALED IN ORIGINAL BOX dating to The one I pictured was opened but what you will receive is SEALED.

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Identification of Bayonets

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rubber M7 Bayonet for the Vietnam period M16 etc well detailed, fully airsoft site safe, theater/film and re enactment safe rubber bayonets will fully bend over its.

The M7 bayonet is a bayonet that was used by the U. It can be used as a fighting knife and utility tool. It was introduced in , when the M16 rifle entered service during the Vietnam War. The M7 has the same two-lever locking mechanism as the M4, that connects to a lug on the M16 rifle’s barrel. The M7 differs from M6 bayonet for the M14 rifle.

The M7’s release mechanism is on the pommel , while the M6 has a spring-loaded lever near the guard that when depressed releases the bayonet. Both models are approximately the same length, have the same black finish, and use the M8A1, or later M10 sheath. One edge is sharpened its full length while the opposite side of the blade has approximately 3 inches sharpened.

There are no markings on the blade itself. The manufacturer’s initials or name, along with “US M7”, will be found stamped under the crossguard see photo, right. The non-slip grips are molded black plastic. The initial contractor was Bauer Ord Company. Colt manufacturer of the M16 and Ontario Knife Company made many of the M7 bayonets for the military and continue to make and sell them commercially.


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always) appreciated. Last photo a comparison with an imperial Colt m7. Thread: Milpar Colt m7 bayonet Join Date: Nov ; Posts:

William Humes’. After the M was fully approved by the US Military in and massive production began, the M7 was slightly redesigned with a two piece finely checkered removable black plastic handle held on to the tang by two machine screws, all metal parts were Parkerized, the cross guard was made a little wider with manufacturers stamping their maker marks and US M7 onto them, and the pommel was now peened onto the tang.

All of the Vietnam Era manufacturers, with the exception of Imperial Schrade Corporation, used what is referred to as a slotted tang, which has two screw holes and two elongated slots. Imperial, as well as Ontario Knife Company and General Cutlery Corporation used the solid tang, which only had two screw holes through the tang. In a letter dated September 13, , Mr. Robert E. Roy of Colt Industries wrote “The numbers that you have seen stamped on the blades are not license numbers.

They are the part number of that particular bayonet. Part number is the standard pattern of the M7 bayonet which we have been furnishing since the early ‘s. They have been made by a variety of manufacturers, but in many cases there are no identifying marks to indicate who the manufacturer is. The Milpar Colt stamped blade versions are somewhat rare and I have not been able to locate production numbers for this particular version. Imperial Colt stamped blades had approximately 30, produced and are fairly common and easily gotten for one’s collection.

Roy acknowledged in his letter.

U.S. M7 knife-bayonet