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Although river diversions that bring land building sediment to shrinking coastlands are the best solution to sustaining portions of the Mississippi Delta, a new Tulane University study concludes that the rate of land building will likely be dwarfed by the rate of wetland loss. The study, published in the open-access journal Science Advances , used optical dating to measure how fast the delta shoreline migrated seaward under natural conditions. Prior to human influence, the Mississippi Delta grew at a rate of 2 to 3 square miles per year. But these rates fall far short of the rates of land loss in coastal Louisiana, which have averaged 15 to 20 square miles per year over the past century, the researchers said. With limited federal and state funding, positioning river diversions in areas that have the greatest land building potential and protect the largest population centers, as opposed to multiple diversions targeting the entire shoreline, is the only viable option. Justin Lawrence, program director in the National Science Foundation’s Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research, said the results of the study are striking. More from Earth Sciences. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors.

Paediatric bladder augmentation and substitution: From diversions to tissue engineering

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Create an Account – Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The new program combines what was formerly known as the Drug Diversion Program and Felony Pre-Trial Intervention Program FPIP ; and will offer a more robust treatment option that addresses the specific underlying behaviors and attitudes that affect criminal behavior. Programs of this nature help us identify opportunities for low-level, non-violent offenders to avoid collateral consequences to a criminal conviction, such as disruption in employment, schooling or family stability.

The Felony Diversion Program will permit MCAO to respond more effectively to the needs of adult offenders, by using research-based programming to address specific individual criminogenic needs. Diverting these offenders reduces their contact with the criminal justice system, increases connections to appropriate community-based systems of care, and holds the individual accountable for criminal conduct. If applicable to their case, restitution must be paid in full to earn a successful completion; thus, providing timely financial restoration to the victim.

For offenders who successfully complete the Felony Diversion Program, the Deputy County Attorney will file a motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice. If unsuccessful, the DCA will reinstate prosecution. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Home News Flash. What are the risks of livestreaming? Posted on: July 13,

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This material is available primarily for archival purposes. Telephone numbers or other contact information may be out of date; please see current contact information at media contacts. An eroding Mississippi Delta: How quickly is it washing away? Scientists have new answers. Credit: Wikimedia. Download the high-resolution JPG version of the image. Use your mouse to right-click Mac users may need to Ctrl-click the link above and choose the option that will save the file or target to your computer.

Mississippi River Diversions Will Produce New Land, but Slowly, Tulane Study Says

Objectives: To review the evolution of urinary diversion, bladder augmentation and bladder replacement in the paediatric population over the past century and to outline the possible direction of future management. Data sources: Original and review articles obtained from a PubMed search of English language publications dating from to The search terms were “bladder augmentation”, “bladder substitution”, “bladder autoaugmentation”, “ureterocystoplasty” and “bladder engineering”.

These efforts have found that diversion of controlled substances is not to be the best possible system to date to prevent CS diversion (Supplemental Table.

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Mayo Clinic has been involved in an ongoing effort to prevent the diversion of controlled substances from the workplace and to rapidly identify and respond when such diversion is detected. These efforts have found that diversion of controlled substances is not uncommon and can result in substantial risk not only to the individual who is diverting the drugs but also to patients, co-workers, and employers.

We believe that all health care facilities should have systems in place to deter controlled substance diversion and to promptly identify diversion and intervene when it is occurring. Such systems are multifaceted and require close cooperation between multiple stakeholders including, but not limited to, departments of pharmacy, safety and security, anesthesiology, nursing, legal counsel, and human resources.

Ideally, there should be a broad-based appreciation of the dangers that diversion creates not only for patients but also for all employees of health care facilities, because diversion can occur at any point along a long supply chain.

The Felony Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program is a diversion program operated by the Florida Department of Corrections. The purpose of the PTI program is to.

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Get Email Updates:. The purpose of this guide is to ensure that controlled substances continue to be available for legitimate medical and scientific purposes while preventing their diversion into the illicit market. It is not the intent of this publication to reduce or deny the use of controlled substances where medically indicated. Nothing in this guide should be construed as authorizing or permitting any person to conduct any act that is not authorized or permitted under Federal or state laws.

The abuse of prescription drugs—especially controlled substances—is a serious social and health problem in the United States. As a healthcare professional, you share responsibility for solving the prescription drug abuse and diversion problem. The dispensing pharmacist must maintain constant vigilance against forged or altered prescriptions.

The law holds the pharmacist responsible for knowingly dispensing a prescription that was not issued in the usual course of professional treatment. Pharmacists should be aware of the various kinds of fraudulent prescriptions which may be presented for dispensing. The following criteria may indicate that the purported prescription was not issued for a legitimate medical purpose.


Information for Investigators. We are available and look forward to assisting you! Scientists Zhixiong Shen, left, and Elizabeth Chamberlain, collect a sample for optical dating along Bayou Lafourche, an abandoned course of the Mississippi River.

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Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Free to read. Language: English French. To review the evolution of urinary diversion, bladder augmentation and bladder replacement in the paediatric population over the past century and to outline the possible direction of future management.

Original and review articles obtained from a PubMed search of English language publications dating from to Articles selected were those with relevance to the scope of the topic. The articles were analyzed with the primary focus being the problems encountered with various forms of urinary diversion, bladder augmentation and bladder replacement, and the subsequent evolution of materials and techniques.

Bladder tissue may need to be replaced in the paediatric population because of congenital malformation, disease or trauma. The unique structure and function of urothelium and bladder muscle make this a challenging task. Management has evolved from a mindset of attempting to divert urine from the bladder completely to that of trying to preserve what is salvageable of the organ. Historically and contemporarily, the gastrointestinal tract has provided the raw material for urinary diversion, bladder augmentation and bladder substitution.

Experience, however, has highlighted the potential complications inherent in the use of the bowel in the urinary tract including mucus production, stone disease, metabolic abnormalities, growth retardation, spontaneous perforation and malignancy. However, despite these drawbacks, the bowel is the gold standard in terms of functional utility and longevity.

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